CHASS Facilities Management provides the following services:

Event Support

CFM provides event management support and coordinates meetings, conferences, performances, lectures, and screening events. Our office can provide on-site event assistance (as needed at a cost). We can provide ushers, room attendants, ticket takers, and audio-visual technicians.

Academic Support

CFM will provide audio-visual support and set-up assistance to designated CHASS classrooms. We assist with audio-visual installation design. CFM can also provide troubleshooting of existing audio-visual systems.

Access Control

CHASS Facilities Management can assist with key management and access card implementation.


CFM oversees the safety of CHASS.  CFM coordinates with UCR EH&S, UCPD, and Physical Plant to define a cohesive safety structure.

Facility Maintenance and Project Management

CFM can provide support for facility alterations. CHASS Facilities Management will assist with the coordination of scheduling of work, budget controls, and Physical Plant/contractor interaction. CFM can also assist with the coordination of scheduled maintenance.

Space Management

CHASS Facilities Management will assist with department relocations. CFM provides assistance with space reporting (UCR FMS) and the acquisition of space.